Welcome to Svovel’s official website!



Today we’re so happy to finally launch Svovel’s official website. To celebrate the launch we’re running a special “Fading (CD) + T-Shirt bundle deal” in our web shop so get it while it’s hot!

Link to “Fading (CD) + T-Shirt bundle deal”

The website contains all you need to know about Svovel and more. It will be our primary source of communication, but we will of course maintain our social media pages (Facebook etc.) as well.

Have a look and rediscover both the visual and musical aspects of Svovel!

EuroNews Metal

Thanks to European Metal Channel for featuring¬† Svovel and “Reflect The Energy” in their program EuroNews Metal on YouTube! Includes live footage from our show at Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo!

Watch the program here:

Interview with BDP Metal!


Check out the interview we did for BDP Metal in the link below!


What a night!


Wow what a night!

We had such a wonderful night with you guys at Verkstedet Bar! A special thanks to our crew and Svovel family for helping hands and support! You guys rock!

Thanks to Helen Skogholt for amazing photos! Check out the photos in our gallery!

We’d also like to see your photos from the concert! Tag Svovel or post the photos on our Facebook page or Instagram (@svovelofficial)

Thank you!